Your Weight Loss Ally

EZ-LEAN is more than just a protein shake. It's your partner in your weight loss journey. Crafted with the highest quality whey protein, it's designed to keep you feeling full and satisfied while providing the essential nutrients your body craves. With every sip, you're one step closer to your weight loss goals.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Calories, 160
Total Fat, 2g
Saturated Fat, 1g
Cholesterol, 55mg
Sodium, 60mg
Total Carbohydrate, 8g
Total Sugars, 2g
Protein, 26g
Calcium, 179mg
Iron, 0.50mg
Potassium, 220mg
LGlutamine, 460mg

Other Ingredients: Whey protein concentrate, natural vanilla flavor, xylitol, whey protein isolate, xanthan gum, l-glutamine, organic stevia (leaf) extract.
Contains: Milk.

Typical Amino Acid Profile (mg per serving):
Essential Amino Acids: L-Histidine 549, L-Isoleucine† 1,397, L-Leucine 2,767, L-Lysine 2,491, L-Methionine 555, L-Phenylalanine 828, L-Threonine 1,404, L-Tryptophan 417, L-Valine 1,394

Non-Essential Amino Acids: L-Alanine 1,114, L-Arginine 818, L-Aspartic Acid 2,772, L-Cysteine 557, L-Glutamic Acid 4,434, L-Glutamine 460, Glycine 548, L-Proline 2,185, L-Serine 1,379, L-Tyrosine 828